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Mindfulness Education
Youth Development

My goal is to  work alongside     you,

within a  protected, confidential and trusting environment

 creating   a space

where reflection,  awareness,   and creativity 

 can grow      



 Open Energy combines a  passion for Mindfulness and Professional Supervision to offer people  proactive, individual or group supervision; workshops; 
and  self care skills.
Professional  Supervision, Coaching & Workshops 
  • Individual Professional Supervision and Coaching

  • Mediation 

  • Group Supervision and tailored workshops for communication and interpersonal skills

Youth Development
  • Individual support and counselling

  • Group work: program development and workshops EG: Empathy through Social Media

  • Youth Worker training and assessment

  • Rock and Water facilitator

  • Pause Breathe Smile facilitator

  •  Pause Breathe Smile trained facilitator.

  • Community mindfulness practice

  • Mindfulness workshops tailored to meet the needs of group or individual

Marriage Celebrant
In collaboration with West Coast Weddings  to celebrate your wedding vows


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I have worked with youth for over 30 years, developing and facilitating group youth development programs, projects  and events, as well as working individually in a counselling role.

 A past chairperson of the West Coast Youth Workers Collective for 8 years, growing and supporting Youth Workers to network for training, increasing professionalism, and creating positive opportunities and outcomes for youth. This has evolved into professional supervision and coaching.

Alongside this passion of working with people, I am a student of meditation, exploring methods to live with increased awareness and compassion.  A development of this has been the sharing of mindfulness education with children and adults.

I am a parent of  three adult children, with a husband, living on a rural property on the West Coast, growing as much of my fruit and veges as I can.

Today, I am aligned to a growing number of people who place ‘time’ as a most  valuable and precious commodity for a fulfilling life. I am inspired by the GISIT principles:

  • Ground- Importance of where it is in your life, connection, belonging on the planet.

  • Input- Food, books, people, movies etc.

  • Stimulation- How to expand and challenge the mind.

  • Integration- Time for weaving the above to make sense of them.

  • Transcendence- With the previous 4 in place, everyday there is opportunity to notice transcending wisdom in small pieces as they occur.

In my professional capacity, I am a member of the Aotearoa  New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) and am accountable to this Code of Ethics.

I hold a Grad.Dip Adolescent Health and Welfare, and a Post Grad Cert Professional Supervision.

 I currently offer a range of individual and group workshops and programs, in the areas of mindfulness, youth development, mediation, professional supervision and coaching, and most recently, services as a marriage celebrant.



 For me, David Whyte sums this up   perfectly.....

“We want to work smarter rather than harder’ yet all of us are familiar with frantic busyness as a state that continually precludes us from opening to the quiet and contemplation it takes to be smart.

The fast-moving mind rebels against slowing the pace because it intuits that it will not only have to reassess it's identity but also take time to recover and re-create, and of course when we are in buzzing- worker-bee mode, that would be a loss of momentum difficult to justify.


We do not even have time to find out if our momentum is taking us over the nearest cliff”.

“If we are serious about the soul at work, and the creativity that sustains a soulful work life, all of us must confront the question of quiet and contemplation in the workplace.

But silence means many things to many people”..........


From David Whyte, (2002) The Heart Aroused  -  Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America, Crown Publishers.


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